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We create customers for our customers…

by creating beautiful brands, incredible websites & successful marketing strategies.

We create customers for our customers…

by creating beautiful brands, incredible websites & successful marketing strategies.

Our Services

Logos & Branding

Designs to make your business branding stand out from the crowd. An individual, creative and dynamic image. We elevate brands to help them attract and engage their audience.We build digital solutions.

A professional logo is critical to your ongoing business image. It sets the tone for how your business will be seen, so that customers can connect immediately – they know what type of business you are and, importantly, connect to the style of business.

We understand that when you buy branding packages, you want proven professionals who will reflect the exact philosophy of your brand through expert techniques. That is exactly what we provide, and our one-to-one services have already helped many businesses create a brand identity. We stand out from our competition because we do not provide a template service. We understand that every business is different and that when you hire someone to create a brand logo design, you want something that speaks volumes.

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Website Designs

Your website will stand out from the masses because it will be custom designed and built specifically to your requirements – not templated designs. A properly designed and constructed website can literally transform your business.

In simple terms your website needs to be found and, when visitors arrive, it needs to be appealing, while providing the information that encourages them to contact you so that you can convert them into sales.

We produce websites that are professionally designed, built and engineered with extremely easy to manage Content Management Systems and customised to match your needs. One thing we pride ourselves on is the fact that we don’t outsource our work to overseas companies. We are 100% local – the advantage to you is that you can meet us and talk to us directly – the people who design, develop and market your business on the web.

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Consumer Shopping Carts

Many e-commerce websites focus on making large and complex websites for those who have thousands of products. Even if you only have a few products you still need a website designed and functioning in a way that makes your site stand out against the competitors.

After discussing your business and its goals with us you may discover that a full blown shopping cart is not required. There are simpler and cheaper options we can show you that may suit your small business better and give you an easy to manage on-line store. This reduces administration time and cost yet delivers a great looking e-commerce website solution.

Or your business may have more complex e-commerce needs when compared to others. You may have a large catalogue of products with many variations, you may have complex freight issues with varying  product sizes and international markets. You may need to manage stock levels and customer accounts and track the packages you ship. We have built on-line stores for businesses with wide ranges of requirements and have found solutions for many seemingly improbable or impossible scenarios.

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Customised Website Development

While every website we make has customised coding, many companies have very specialised requirements. Do you need solutions that are very specific?  When you have an idea for a great online business but don’t know exactly how it would work, that’s when you contact us.

Through multiple stages of discussion and consultation, we get your idea so refined you wouldn’t have even thought it possible. We will work with you with multiple discussion stages to get an idea for what you need; helping you to refine your own ideas to create a result that you never thought was possible. We understand that when you contact an online web developer, you want someone who can make your vision a reality, using quality designs and original ideas that reflect your business every step of the way.

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Website Marketing

From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Google Adwords campaigns. We can set up extensive marketing in a range of avenues that give your business the greatest exposure.

The world is a complicated and interconnected digital landscape that requires knowledge and experience to truly benefit from. It may seem a bit overwhelming but in essence we ensure we know where your customers are looking for your products/services, how often they are looking for them, provide a custom website that converts them from visitors to contacts/leads and then provide options for delivering the customer traffic to your website. We know how busy you are running your business and how you need someone to handle all the marketing details.

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Business Stationery Printing

Designs to make your business branding stand out from the crowd. They are complementary to your online presence.

There is still a big place in this digital world for paper and print. We can deliver quality, custom designed stationery for your business. Your marketing material needs to be branded, that is your logo, design, colours and fonts need to be part of all business stationery you get printed as this differentiates you from your competitors – your customers can immediately identify you via your company branding on everything you print. We offer a vast range of Stationery Printing services, some of which are below. All our print is produced in Perth using the latest print technologies, highest quality stocks and professional finishes. read more… 

Hosting & Domains

Website Hosting -Litespeed with LS Caching is Superfast. Most businesses don’t understand the importance of their web host provider.

If a business opts for a cheap web hosting solution they are often unaware of the impact this may have on their website and consequently their business. Cheap hosting often means your website is hosted on a server overseas – somewhere? Or your website is on a server that is shared with many so-called hosting companies.

You may wonder what the big deal is – well that can mean delays in getting support if anything goes wrong, an inability to isolate problems when on a shared server, and a lack of flexibility if you need a special solution. That is why at Web Wizards we have, and insist upon, our own dedicated local server. Ours runs at light speed with LS cache and includes 10 different types of protection and speed enhancement software.

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