Branding Brief…

Branding is one of the most important elements of a company, it’s more than just a logo.
We create brands that last the test of time through careful research, marketing analysis,
concept designs, colour theory and attention to detail.

Things to watch out for…

  • What name or inititals would you want in your logo and do you have a slogan or tagline you’d like incorporating within your branding?
  • Please give a brief description of your company, your background, history and services/products.
  • Who are your main competitors? Please provide websites, along with things you like/dislike.
  • Please describe your demographic (age, gender, location, lifestyle, salary etc...)
  • Describe the look/feeling you’d like to evoke and the impression you’d like to convey. e.g. modern, bold, handwritten, light, simple, corporate, abstract, three-dimensional, calligraphic etc...
  • Logo format. What type of logo design are you looking for? Please select your preference(s).
  • Do you have any existing branding, colours, fonts or style that needs adhered to?
  • Do you have any product, company or stock photos you’d like to use on your website?
  • Websites you like... Please list website you like and what elements you like about them.
  • Let’s get social. Do you current have a social media strategy? Please list any profiles you have currently set up.
  • Do you have anything else to add? Inspirations, websites, blogs, music, examples of work?