Google Ads and analytics innovations focusing on a mobile dominated world.

It is no surprise to anyone who visits a cafe and finds whole tables of people not talking to each other, that mobile is the dominant way that people are searching for things! More than half of the searches of the many trillions that are made online each year are on mobile devices. This presents a real opportunity for those that embrace it and certain business failure for those that ignore it.

The role that smartphones play in people’s lives today is more than just a phone to receive calls. They are like the smart friend they always wanted for some people, the slave to do the things that are too complicated, the educator that provides instant answers and the diary that reminds you without looking.

For marketers, you are the answer to the smartphone driven consumer with their never ending need for products and services to buy.
Google has decided to change the adwords format to give advertisers better ways of communicating to the client and giving users a better user experience, whilst bumping up Google’s advertising revenue and profits.

They will be rolling out local map changes with the ability to time sensitive special offers. It will be a new world for sure. Local related mobile searches are growing 50% faster than all other mobile searches.

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See the full launch video with various changes to adwords and the adwords format.

This will change search engine marketing forever!



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