Choosing a website hosting company in Perth seems at first easy. Go to Google, look for some companies, choose the cheapest and that’s it!
You may want to reconsider choosing that way after reading this article.

There are a number of hosting companies that claim to do backups but on 4 occasions in the last 3 months I have had clients ring me in a panic because their provider who promised to be doing backups mysteriously weren’t able to retrieve them. The same excuse was given. The backup was corrupted and we don’t have another going back. They then told them it was there responsibility to do their own backups.

In one instance it was 7 years of a piece of custom software. It was only through interrogation we found out they had one on a previous server. Although a bit dated at least we were able to recover the software and make changes and take over the website. Saving $3 per month on hosting suddenly doesn’t seem important when your whole business is about to be lost. Also being able to talk to someone in Perth instead of Dubai or the Philipines or in India is far less stressful.

In the other instances they were html websites and we were able to go to a website archive and reconstruct the website and in others we took the content and redesigned the website completely.

The hosting companies told them to find a programmer. We were happy to step in and help but in all instances the client thought there websites were safe and being updated.They didn’t realise how they had jeopardised their business. In Melbourne a few years ago a hacker took down 5000 websites that could never be recovered and one business lost $200,000 in income.

We provide a managed hosting that includes 4 daily rolling backups, weekly backups and monthly backups which are downloaded to our server here as a precaution as well as mirrored backups in the cloud.

We have our own dedicated server which is managed in a data room by the same company that runs channel 9’s servers. All hosting companies are not the same. Many use reseller hosting from other companies from overseas whilst claiming to be in Australia. Web Wizards ensure their clients are looked after. Go to Web Wizards Perth Website Hosting page for more information.


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