Today we are writing about some “old-school” methods that may have been used in the past that don’t work anymore or maybe never worked altogether. Today these methods may be regarded as slack or bad practise in the industry.

First and foremost! Duplicate content, this is a big no-no google and other crawlers want you to make your own unique content, not the same stuff that has been posted on 5 other websites. Some crawlers may even filter out content they believe is duplicated or too similar.

Thin content is something we have not talked about in the past, but this is basically content that has little to no importance. Low quality content that has been stolen or poorly paraphrased. This jeopardises the users experience and Google do not like it one bit. They may go as far as black marking your website! It is just bad practise, the easy way to fix this ? Create high quality original content that your readers will love!

Scraped content is when a user reuses content from another website and posts and claims it as their own, this is very similar to what we have just spoke about so I will not go into too much detail, but in other words if you reuse someone else’s content expect a black mark coming your way! Another big no-no in Googles eyes.

Using way too many adverts is terrible not just from a search engine’s perspective but also a user. It congests the website and makes it look inflated with rubbish and it also looks like you just want a dollar rather than produce high quality content. It looks really bad so we suggest keeping ads to a minimum.

This is probably one of the worst things you can do in a search engine and Googles eyes its called “Cloaking”. What is cloaking ? Well cloaking is when you produce one lot of content that the search engines crawling it see, but users see something completely different. This is bad in anyone’s eyes, and you should be able to understand why. It’s quite simply cheating the system. If you do get caught doing this your website you will be banned from the “SERPS” (search engine result pages). It is really not worth running the risk.

Paid links, Google also don’t like this. They see this as also a form of cheating. Paid links is when you buy links to your website in a way to distort and rig the search engine results. Most commonly brought in the exchange of money. Why is this bad ? Well search engines believe people that are at the top of results have earned it, not by people who own the most money. To generate links you should just produce great content that people love to share around!

These do not work in Googles eyes. So please stay away from them and do what makes Google happy, cause at the end of the day, they are what will make you happy. Earn your spot and you will feel like you have achieved something, and you will have nothing to worry about.


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