We all know that social media is a very powerful form of advertisement for your website, when done correctly and efficiently it can really change the direction your business and website may be heading. There are so many social media platforms out their, so doing your research to find which suits your website or blog is very important as this is all a part of targeting the right audience. Below we have a self audit for you to make sure you are using your social media to provide the support and advertisement it can.


Integrating Social Media On Your Site.

Making sure your social media on your website is easy to find and navigate to is very important if people can not see it, you more than likely find they will not go looking for it. Also making it easy for visitors to share your content is very important as this will give some publicity to the great content you produce and give new prospective clients a chance to see what you are about without finding your website.


Correct Social Media Accounts.


Using the correct social media account should be done with a bit of research as you will more than likely find that certain platforms are more directed towards your branding. For example Instagram is an amazing platform for websites or blogs that are producing photography or imagery content as this is what Instagram is based around (photo sharing). Google+ is very well known as being the “Business Social Media Platform”, so using Google+ if you are a local start up business or a quite big corporation can help you greatly in many aspects such as the recognition from Google, being indexed much easier and so on. There are also a couple of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook that we believe anyone can benefit greatly on. Some social media platforms even have paid advertisement which can help you get paid traffic very quickly.


Being active and engaged with your following.


People and clients absolutely love it when they feel they are a part of something they have helped you build, which in theory they really have. So be active on your social media! Be engaged with your clients and following this will help you in so many ways and help you start building a good personal brand as clients and new customers feel they have a way to reach out to you and get the information they need to make a decision. It shows who you are as a company, and is a big part of having a corporate voice. Being in an industry where very few use social media, will give you a big bonus if you do it correctly. Most importantly stay active and engaged.


Keeping your reputation solid.

You will find social media is the place where people come to address their negative and positive experiences with your company. So be thankful for the positive experiences and address the negative as ignoring either can hurt your reputation in many ways and make everyone feel and think that you did not care enough to respond to their message or experience they had.


Remember this is all ultimately a marketing strategy, we hope these social media tips have helped you and you start implementing these as soon as possible!

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