Hosting & Domains…

Our Australian based hosting offers a premium service for a reasonable cost. Let us host your website, domains & emails and in return you’ll get quality Perth-based support.

So, how much is your hosting?

Domain registration…

How important is a name – in the case of a domain name for your business it’s crucial. It is not just about the domain name you choose it’s more importantly about how you hold onto it. Your domain name is the asset you don’t want to lose and unfortunately we have heard too many stories of expired and lost domain names. That is why we recommend you allow Web Wizards to manage your domain – this means your website domain name is safe and renewed on time. A lost domain name means your website disappears instantly as well as access and use of your domain emails.

We manage website domains for hundred of clients who trust us to ensure that their website address is always renewed on time. If you have forgotten to renew your domain name do you know that a crafty competitor can swoop in and take ownership and you have no recourse. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

We not only register and purchase your domain for you but we configure it for you – all the technical stuff. But don’t worry you OWN the domain name – we just help manage it for you. With 10 years in the web industry our contacts and emails are constant and we give you ample time and notice to ensure your domain name remains yours.