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Why Web Wizards

Creative & Affordable Web Designs

We are a custom web design company that creates websites that work! We spend the time getting to know about your business, what’s important to your customers and then we go about incorporating that into the design so that customers respond to your website.

Getting a visitor to respond to your website via telephone or your contact form is called a conversion. This is because you have converted them from a visitor to a prospective customer. That is the main and most important goal of a website.

As an example, if you had a website with a 20% conversion that had 100 visitors, then you have 20 leads. If you have a website with 1% conversion and 1000 visitors then you have 10 leads. The first website gets double the leads with 1/10 of the traffic. That’s why conversion is so important. You can generally buy more traffic but if your conversion rate is low, you will need to spend lots of money to get the same result as someone with a better website conversion. This is what we focus on at the design stage.

Getting this right is an investment in your business. At Web Wizards we build affordable websites – not cheap and not expensive. There’s an old Chinese proverb that says “Buy cheap – Buy expensive” ; in other words if you spend too little at the start, in the long run it will cost you money in either lost sales or time in trying to manage a badly constructed website. We strive to provide the best web design services in WA.
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We’re a Local, Perth-based Custom Web Design Company

This means that you can get support when you need and how you want it. Unlike many of our competitors who have their support outsourced, when you ring us you get a Perth staff member who was most likely involved in building your website to handle the issue.

We have a range of staff who can help you from web page builders, graphic designers, programming, content setting, email support and how to use your Content Management System or CMS. We develop websites that are self-managed and are easy to use.

We like to build relationships with our clients. We want to get to know you and your business – this is a mutual relationship. If you are happy with what we can do to build your online presence we know you’ll keep coming back and we get immense satisfaction from seeing our client’s businesses grow.

When you are shopping around for your new site please make sure that you are getting what you expect – a unique, individually designed website to suit your online needs and tailored to your business – not as many web builders are doing, a Templated Website – (a templated design is one bought off the shelf and just recoloured or branded – this is a quick, cheap option used by many web agencies who charge as though they have designed and developed from scratch). At Web Wizards, we promise your design has been created by our designer and developed by our programmers in our Perth web agency office.

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Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design means that your website will be able to be viewed on almost any device imaginable. Whether it’s your computer at home or your smartphone or tablet, the elements of your website will dynamically adjust to fit any screen.

Your customers will be able to see the information that you want them to see, in the best possible way. Statistics show that website traffic originating from smartphones and tablets is now exceeding traffic originated from desktops. If your website can be seen on all of those displays perfectly, you can effectively capture your customers attention.

How Does Mobile Web Design Help Generate Customers?
In order to understand why having a responsive web page is important , you need to see the user experience from the customers point of view. Imagine you have an iPhone or smartphone and you look up a website. Let’s compare 2 websites.

The first website is a miniature version of their desktop website. It is hard to read and isn’t designed for the user. What that means for the prospective customer is that they need to move their fingers in and out on all pages, they have to scroll a lot of pages, pinch the screen and the user experience is awkward.

The second website is easy to use. The site is made responsive and the main features of the company are found through clickable icons instead of a page of text. When they click on the images they are taken to a page that can be read without adjusting the text size and everything is easy to navigate and easily understood. Which website would you prefer?

For most people they will choose the easy to use website and are more likely to make a phone call or contact the business because they made it easy for them. Phone buttons that make it easy to call and menu buttons make things so much easier to navigate the website! Converting your visitor to a prospective customer should be the number one objective of any website.

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Mobile Traffic Is The Future

Mobile device use including phones, tablets, ipads and smart devices are growing everyday with current usage around 60% of users and projected to hit 85% in the next few years.

According to the Business Insider Magazine in (2014), mobile makes up for more than 60% of Australia’s internet traffic, that has increased since then. If you ever visit a cafe, you will notice whole tables of people not speaking to each other as they browse the net or look at their facebook profile.

If your website isn’t optimised correctly and not user-friendly then your potential customers will either not be able to read the full website because it is only displaying partially for the user. It could also display in a very small font size that is not readable and that Google will penalise or it could be hard to navigate because it is not designed for the mobile device. To future proof your website, your business and to increase customer conversions, consider a responsive web design packages from Web Wizards, designed and built in our offices in Perth.

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WordPress Website Design Specialists

WordPress has been around since 2003 and people would be surprised to know that the New York Times website is built on this platform along with many large companies that appreciate it’s ease of use.

We were one of the first companies in Perth to recognise the value of the WordPress Platform and have been designing, developing and supporting our client’s WP websites for 10 years. The first question that often is asked is why a WordPress (WP) website instead of a fully customised code built from scratch.

  • It is the most comonly used web page platform in the world.
  • It has a built in CMS (content management system) which allows you to update your website yourself and is super easy to administer.
  • It is constantly responding to changes in the online environment. Much like a phone has apps, the WP platform has plugins that are being built by millions of developers to respond to any changes as well as the core platform being upgraded every few months.
  • WP is easily indexed by Google (TM) as Matt Cutts from Google has stated on a number of occasions
    The WordPress web designs can be completely customised, which is what we do.

We create custom website designs and integrate video manuals and provide local friendly and helpful support to make running your business or community website as easy as possible. We are based in Perth and happy for you to visit our main office to see our hardworking creative team at work.

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Do you have your own web designers or do you outsource the design?

We design and code your website in our office. We also use a design prototype software so that you can view the design process. You will see the web pages as designed by our team and be able to interact and comment on your design. You can leave comments and sugegstionso on the design at anytime and we are immediately notified. This is super convenient for our customers and hastens the design process. Our graphic design team can do everything from branding and logos, business cards and flyers as well as brochures, signs and of course custom web design.

How do ensure I get the design I want?

From the start of the web build we take the time to listen to your ideas. We’ll examine your business, look at your branding, make suggestions and give you guidance. We will gather that information into a design brief and send to you for confirmation and request extra information. We want your input and ideas along with examples of websites you like to ascertain the direction for your design. We’ll ask the right questions to ensure that you get an awesome design. This is as important to us as it is to you so we’ll be doing our best to make sure you feel confident with the process.